It's time!


Welcome to Keep Flower Mound Healthy!


To make lasting improvements in the health and weight of Flower Mound residents by making it easier and more enjoyable to be and eat healthier 


Join the Team


If you are a health care provider (e.g., cardiologist, OB/GYN, pediatrician) or other influencer of health (e.g., public health specialist, restaurant owner, health care administrator) that lives or works in Flower Mound, and would like to join our executive committee (we only need one member of each type), fill out this application.



We desire to collaborate with others and other initiatives in order to accomplish our mission.  Our primary national partner is Project Simplify Health, but if you would like us to consider partnering with you or your local or national initiative, please contact us.

A Healthy Community


We envision an active, interactive, happy and healthy community where Flower Mound residents are able to find several healthy places to eat and shop, and ways to be active.  In addition, we aim to provide simple, but effective evidence-based tools to help individuals achieve true, long-lasting health.