It's time!

What does "TLC" stand for?


Join us for some "TLC"!

"TLC" stands for "Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes" - changes in your lifestyle that lead to overall improved health and weight management.

We challenge you on every Tuesday and Thursday to a "Day of Health"  (and we hope the benefits you see will help you make lasting changes)!

  Grab a partner or two and spread the health!  Here are the details:

TLC Days of Health


  • First:  No sugar (does not include sugars from whole plants).
  • Second:  No oil (of any kind).
  • Third:  Only eat when actually hungry.
  • Fourth:  4D/4:1 day (80% of intake is only from 4-Diamond foods).
  • Fifth (when there is one):  No caffeine.


  • First:  Walk, run, bike, or skate a mile (or more or extra), preferably with a friend or two.
  • Second:  No recreational screens (e.g.: TV, video games, non-work-related social media, movies, Netflix).
  • Third:  Serve someone (not food).  Consider visiting for ideas.
  • Fourth:  Do 25 (or more) reps of at least one upper-body and one lower-body resistance exercise.  Consider combination exercises like Metabolava.
  • Fifth (when there is one):  Work on a hobby (not involving food), with one or more others, if appropriate.

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