TLC Groups


TLC Groups


What are TLC Groups?

Free virtual support groups where communication is done via e-mail. TLC Groups are an initiative of Keep Flower Mound Healthy, with the goal of helping Flower Mound residents achieve and maintain a healthy weight and improved health, function, and energy, through livable “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” (TLC). Groups consist of 4-6 people and are led by volunteer medical, nutrition, or fitness professionals (“Group Leaders”) who reside and/or work in Flower Mound.

Why TLC Groups?

A group setting provides indispensable accountability, support, and brainstorming.

How do TLC Groups work?

Interested individuals Contact Us (please provide your full name and address, which we promise not to share), after which they are assigned to a Group Leader (as trained volunteers become available). Participants may choose to sign up using an anonymous e-mail to protect their anonymity (e.g. “”). Then, each weekend members report (via e-mail) their average statistics to the other members of their group (including their TLC Group Leader):

  1. Average daily exercise minutes (with a goal of an average of ≥15, ideally ≥22 minutes/day) - our "Catch 22!" initiative
  2. Average daily percentage of diet that consists of whole plants (with a goal of ≥50%, ideally ≥66%) - our "Root 66" initiative
  3. Average weight (you may weigh yourself as many times as you'd like during the week - just report the average)

The first two stats should be recorded daily (using the TLC Log), and the average for the week is reported.  However, how often one decides to weigh is up to the participant, but it should be done at least once weekly (if done more frequently, the average is reported).  Stats recorded on the TLC Log refer to the previous day's exercise minutes and whole plant intake, and that morning's weight.  Group Leaders compile the weekly statistics and report them to a supervisor (another volunteer), who compiles the data from several group leaders (layers will be added as needed), and the statistics are reported anonymously each month on this website. 

Group leaders are required to attend an hour-long training, conducted by a member of the KFMH Executive Committee, to ensure general uniformity in message and encourage evidence-based guidance.

Group members are encouraged to communicate with each other regularly, offering ideas and support to each other. They may also report other statistics felt helpful, kept within each group, such as blood pressure or hours of quality sleep obtained.

What is a recommended goal weight?

Any weight loss down to a normal body mass index (BMI) is good, but your desired goal will depend on a variety of factors. You may wish to consult with your physician or another knowledgeable health care professional about your specific situation. You may also use a BMI chart or calculator to help you decide.

Can TLC Group members meet in person?

Friends may desire to join the same group, or group members may desire to eat healthy meals or exercise together, but all in-person group activities are done at your own risk.


By participating in Keep Flower Mound Healthy TLC Groups, at risk of dismissal from current and all future KFMH-organized groups, you attest that you are at least 18 years of age, and agree:

  • To join TLC Groups on good faith, without intent to do or cause harm to any other participants or members of the Keep Flower Mound Healthy (KFMH) Executive Committee.
  • To hold harmless members of the KFMH Executive Committee.
  • To consult a physician before starting, especially if you have medical conditions that may be affected by the recommended lifestyle changes, and to monitor those conditions closely.
  • To be wise and measured in any activities, exercise, or changes in your eating habits, and to consider any medical conditions you may have as you do so.
  • To use wisdom when deciding to meet other group members in person, recognizing that participation is voluntary and participants are not vetted for safety, personality, philosophy, or other.
  • Not to make distasteful or otherwise inappropriate comments (including vulgar language) when communicating with group members, Group Leaders, members of the KFMH Executive Committee or on the KFMH Facebook Group.